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ATD Employer Solutions

Employee Benefit Solutions

Our employer benefit product portfolios are some of the broadest in the industry and provide both individual and true group ancillary products. Whether an employer wants to offer a true group employer-pay solution or a worksite voluntary benefits program, we work with vendors who provide these benefits.

ATD Employer Solutions

Benefit Communications

We provide several professional platforms to help employers communicate their benefit booklets and the cost to provide each one of their core, statutory and other benefits. We call this uncovering the "Forgotten Paycheck". This is a great retention and recruiting tool as well. More informed employees have proven to reduce turnover.

Benefit enrollment services

We have local, regional and national enrollment systems in place. Whether 50 employees locally or 5,000 nationally, we are capable to coordinate and enroll at every level. In addition, we provide bi-lingual enrollment services.

Variety of Group and Individual Ancillary

Plan Designs and Products

  • Laptop and booklet 'total compensation' communication platforms
  • Group and Voluntary Vision and Dental Plans
  • Universal Life, Whole Life, Group and Individual Term Life, AD&D
  • Group and Voluntary individual Short-Term Disability/Group Voluntary, and Individual Long-Term Disability
  • Executive/Mgt Carve-out disability by class
  • Lump Sum Critical Illness (To $100,000)
  • Heart/ Stroke/ Cancer Plans (3 in 1)
  • Individual and Group Cancer only plans
  • Personal Accident, Sickness/Accident
  • Medi-Gap supplemental health plans
  • Long Term Care (group underwriting)
  • Mini-Health plans (part-time/ permanent part-time/ non-benefited full time)
  • Flexible Spending accounts and Premium only plans
  • Employee, Spousal, and Child options available

Enrollment Services & Concepts

  • Salary-fee paid benefit counselors – User-friendly enrollment approach
  • Section 125, Flex plan enrollment support
  • Consultative approach to group and voluntary ancillary benefits
  • U-Choose/U-Build/U-Afford system for employee open-enrollments
  • Complete benefit education and communication (Benecom)
  • Professional Key Manager and Employee roll out meetings
  • Hour-power approach to deduction budgeting
  • One on one and telephonic enrollment platforms
  • Multiple Product enrollment, including core bene's
  • Post enrollment HR and payroll reporting, billing, and processing back-room support
  • Electronic paperless enrollment systems – Streamlines enrollment and underwriting