Benefit Enrollments Done Right

Total Quality Enrollment Systems 

TQE Includes:
→ Multiple Product Enrollment, Including employer Core Benefits

→ EDI, API, file feed formats

→ Deep customization if needed

→ PEPM pricing or No PEPM and only a la cart menu pricing per service provided

→ Non-commission/Fee based Benefit Counselors

→ Bilingual Capability- Spanish, Polish and other

→ Consultative Approach to Ancillary Benefit Planning

→ “U-Choose/U-Build/U-Afford” Design System for Employees

→ Complete and Professional Benefit Cost Communication (BeneCom/Total-Comp)

→ Employee-Pay–All (voluntary) or Employer Contributory Plans

→ Professional HR, Key Manager and Employee Roll Out Sessions

→ “One Hour of Pay Max” approach to Payroll Deduction Budgeting

→ “One on One” and “Group” Enrollment Meetings

→ Call Center primary and secondary protocols

→ Online Self Service Enrollment

→ Multiple options

→ Traditional style formats (next buttons, drop down arrows, dashboard)

→ New style formats (amazon grocery look)

→ Videos-Human or Avatar

ATD Employer Solutions