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Case Study One:

Car Dealership

This case employs close to 500 employees at 2 different locations. They are one of the more sophisticated dealerships in Illinois. 

CHALLENGE: When we first met with this client, they were frustrated with the previous enrollment company and the service they provided and assisting with the reconciling of the billing. They were also looking for a lower priced $15,000 Employer Paid Life plan, compared with the current vendor that they were currently with. The client was also looking for a smooth, efficient enrollment, that could have their employees be seen by a Benefits Counselor in 20 minutes or less, so the employees could back to work as soon as possible.

SOLUTION(S): ATD worked with a vendor to bring in a lower priced Employer Paid Life to replace the vendor that they currently were using. ATD used 4 benefits counselors to meet with their employees face-to-face in 20 minutes or less. ATD had the employees sign up in allotted time slots on a sign-up sheet, which allowed the enrollment to run smoothly and meet the Benefit Counselors in 20-minutes increments or less. To solve the billing issues that they had with the previous enrollment company, ATD set-up a conference call with the human resources department, payroll department and each vendor to discuss the billing procedures with each vendor. ATD staff also discussed how they would assist in any billing changes and reconciliation of the bills.

RESULTS: The client was pleased with the annual premium and the savings of the Employer Paid Life with the new vendor. The enrollment process went very well, with 450 employees seen, 274 enrolled by a Benefits Counselor which produced $130,080 in Annual Premium. The client was pleased with the overall enrollment process. ATD assisted with reconciling terminations, additions, discrepancies, and the billing for each vendor. The service improved greatly compared to the previous enrollment company. The client is much more satisfied with the servicing and billing process than in the past.




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Case Study Two:

Commercial Bakery

The firm has 55 employees at three different locations.
ATD handled their first enrollment in 2018 and offered voluntary benefits to their employees for the first time.

CHALLENGE: To create affordable voluntary plans, and still include value with the benefits to offer their employees. Fill a need of offering Dental and Vision plans to their employees and their families. Another challenge was able to meet and enroll all their employees at the three different locations.

SOLUTION(S): ATD implemented individual and group plans like Accident, Critical Illness, and Voluntary Term Life that started under $2 per week in premiums, which made it affordable many of the employees to elect one or more plans. Affordable Dental & Vision plans were introduced to fill the desires of the employees to purchase a dental plan or a vision plan or select both plans. We also solved the logistical issues with enrolling the 3 locations in 2 days by having 2 benefit counselors at each location. We also utilized logistic charts and sig-up sheets to schedule all employees to meet with a benefit counselor.

RESULTS: This client was very pleased with the professionalism of how the enrollment was handled by ATD. Each employee had an opportunity to sit with a Benefit Counselor and 53 of the employees were in contact with a Benefit Counselor, which equates to a 96.4% eligible to seen ratio. Of the employees that elected some sort of benefits, $22,341 in Annual Premium was produced. A smooth transition from electronic files to first bill which helped the client reconcile to ensure accuracy. ATD also worked closely with client and vendor to devise a customized monthly self-billing solution




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Case Study Three:

ATD Employer Solutions

Cleaning Company

The firm employs 85 employees and has locations in two states. ATD has handled the enrollment of both their core and voluntary benefits in 2018.

CHALLENGE: The challenge was to bring in a $20,000 Employer Paid Life plan and an Employer Paid LTD plan for Salaried Employee. To replace their current voluntary benefit package with another vendor. Since the employees are always on different sites and they have 16 employees in a different state, the challenge was to get all the employees to meet with a Benefit Counselor.

SOLUTION(S): ATD worked with a vendor to bring in a reasonable priced $20,000 Employer Paid Life plan and an Employer Paid LTD plan for the Salaried employees. ATD also brought in Voluntary life with a GI of $80,000 for all eligible employees. ATD brought in another vendor to replace the Accident, Short-Term Disability, Cancer, and the Critical Illness that they currently have with a different vendor. ATD was able set-up a face-to-face enrollment with employees meeting with a Benefits Counselor. For the employees that could not meet with a Benefits Counselor face-to-face or were from out of state, ATD opened the call center to inform and enroll the employees that could not meet with a Benefits Counselor.

RESULTS:This client is happy with how smoothly the enrollment went with ATD and the professional communication with our office Management and staff. By sending out 2 Benefit Counselors on site and using our logistic schedules and sing-up enrollment sheets and opening-up the call center, 75 of the 83 employees were in contact with a Benefits Counselor, which equates to 90.36% eligible to seen. The 16 employees that were from another state, all called into the call center. There were 86 policies written for a total annual premium of $44,631. ATD was able to bring in the $20,000 Employer Paid Life for all employees and an Employer Paid LTD for all the Salaried Employees. ATD also works closely with reconciling the bill each month with the client and the vendor.

Case Study Four:


ATD has been helping the agency and employer since 2006. Initially, they had 2,800 employees and 28 locations. Currently, they have 50 locations with approximately 4,400 employees.


The healthcare industry is very competitive and it’s difficult to recruit and retain health care professionals who are licensed, experienced and understand that this is a 24/7 industry.  With Covid-19 issues, its even more difficult.

The client accepts payment from private payors, but most of the revenue comes from Medicare and Medicaid. The lower level of payment from government constricts the amount of salary and wages earned by the staff. ​

Adding additional supplemental benefits became very important to attract and retain personnel. So, they experimented with another organization that did and struggled with post enrollment administration and billing, as the client desired and expected.  

50% + Turnover

In this industry, staff turnover typically ranges from 50% to 75%, according to the Journal of Applied Gerontology. The challenge is to slow down the turnover and make the recruiting process more effective by establishing a Better Place To Work than their competition.


  • Develop and sustain a competitive advantage for our client to recruit, reward and ultimately, retain their valuable employees. ​
  • To implement a well-rounded supplemental program that helps create the reputation for prospective employees to want to work for this organization. ​
  • Help keep employees engaged and contributing by stabilizing their financial situation sometimes caused by large gaps in health insurance deductibles and Co-insurance, as well as loss of work time due to an accident, illness or maternity leave. This can also include a sudden death; employee or family members. ​
  • Provide a trusted and quality Carrier that provides advantageous underwriting concessions, group rates and ease of custom billing as it pertains to payroll deductibility and efficient payment processes. ​
  • Ensure a customized process and strategic enrollment that ensures efficiency and time management. ​
  • Increase Enrollment participation (more enrollees = less turnover)​
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  • Active enrollment vs. Passive enrollment, with previous provider​
  • Department Head meetings to gain Site and Middle Management understanding and support (both in person or virtual)​
  • Salary/Fee based benefit counselors to conduct professional employee meetings​
  • A Focus on in person counselor-assisted enrollment meetings, but also online and call center options available​
  • Focused email communication and if desired, text messaging ​
  • Customized and personal marketing materials and brochures, letters and enrollment tools for each employee​
  • Competitive and affordable products along with advantageous underwriting offers for employees who have health challenges


100%- Site visits & Department Head Pre-Education

85% - Seen ratio

62% - Enrolled to Seen ratio

50% - Increase in # of employees enrolled into product packages

2700 - Policies elected by EE’s (Term and whole life,disability, vision, critical illness, accident, Supp medical)

50% Increase

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